Labor, Outsourcing and Contracting in Agriculture


The project is realized by Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Ylä-Savo Vocational College. Main partner is Iisalmi region Employment and Economic Development Office. Project is funded by European Social Fund. The financer is the North Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The objectives are:

· Help farms with too much work load

· Explore the labor situation and labor needed at the moment

· Find solutions to answer the growing labor needs in the farms

· Improve the preparedness to act as an employer and a supervisor

· Update the competence of workers to answer the needs of the farms, find out the further training needs

· Add collaboration with Employment and Economic Development Office

· Clarify farms needs for labor, outsourcing and contracting

· Guide farmers and farmworkers to the complementary training

· Simulate hiring processes for farmers

· Find new ideas for service entrepreneur in agriculture

· Improve the image of the agricultural work

In the project surveys are made about the amount of work for farms with too much work load. The surveys include:

· Farm visits for 60 farms in the region of Ylä-Savo

· Target group the farms thinking about employing (needs, profitability etc.)

· Target group the farms already acquired an employee (updating training for employees and entrepreneurs)

· Target group the employees interested in agricultural work and interest groups (marketing, image marketing)

· Alternatives are considered and educational needs are clarified

· The costs for the farms 50 € +VAT/ farm visit


· Training for employers

· Training for employees

· Employee file for the farms

· Piloting the application process, practical application process for different needs

· Create the basis for service entrepreneurship

· Rental work or cooperative, alternatives?


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